"STEALING TIME" Ceramic Art by Josh Teplitzky

Pre-sale July 12-14 Noon-5pm

Opening Night Saturday 6-9pm    Wine and Cheese


Soulrise Gallery     Heidi Damata            821 West 8th Ave Denver, CO 80204 303.825.7685

“I’m often told that a classic Teplitzky mug is sought after in the morning and that a cup of coffee just isn’t the same if you can’t find it. It’s nice to know that my work gives people the opportunity to enjoy beauty in the everyday object; which, I believe, has been lost in today’s fast-paced world. Example content image

I have always been driven to create, to mold, and to shape the world around me into an inspiring and often usable object. The style of my work is strongly process oriented.  Through the textures, lines and added parts, the ‘making’ of the piece is revealed in the finished product.  This allows the viewer to feel a closer connection and understanding of the work.

I credit my former teachers and peers with helping me develop a style and vocabulary of forms.  Jeff Oestriech, a Minnesota Potter, who taught for a year at Alfred, helped me develop my initial aesthetic and vision.  Jun Kaneko and Akio Takamori have also had a strong influence on my creative vision.

My clay work has also been influenced by and extends out from all the aspects of my life- my wife, my 2 children, my teaching career, my motorcycle hobby, and ceramic training. These aspects all shape my views and allow me to expand the vision and scope of my artwork.  Over the years, I have seen my work follow a cyclical pattern which allows me to draw from and revitalize older ideas simultaneously with my current visual expression.

I take great pride in knowing that my pottery develops a relationship with the user and that it brings art to a personal and stimulating level.”